2022/23 University of Ottawa Excellence Scholarship - Canada, Apply Now


Applications for the University of Ottawa Excellence Scholarship in Canada 2022/23 academic calendar are presently being accepted from students from other countries who are interested in attending the university.

The Excellence Scholarship for African and International Students Studying in English, Canada 2022-23 is open for applications from international students and is being offered by the University of Ottawa.

You will be able to use the scholarship to enroll in any program(s) at the University of Ottawa that are devoted to teaching students at the undergraduate level on the subject of English.

Students who meet the requirements should send in their scholarship applications as soon as possible. This is to increase their chances of getting the money.

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Apply Now for the 2022/23 University of Ottawa Excellence Scholarship – Canada

At the University of Ottawa, the Excellence Scholarship for Students Studying English in Canada 2022-23 is solely available to African and foreign students. Its available for students who are majoring in English at the undergraduate level. Please be aware that applicants for this particular scholarship must be undergraduates.

Among the accessible subjects are the following: If you are awarded this grant, you will have the opportunity to study;


  1. English language

It would not be prudent for me to elaborate further on the advantages of the University of Ottawa Excellence Scholarship in Canada 2022-23 to you at this time.

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Because of this, you will have an even stronger motivation to submit an application for this scholarship. This will help you do everything in your power to ensure that you meet the requirements necessary to be awarded the scholarship.

For those students who meet the requirements, the University of Ottawa will provide a monetary contribution ranging from $17,500 to $25,000, depending on the program.

The following are the nationalities that are eligible:

  1. Students from various countries
  2. Africa

Eligibility requirements that must be met:

Upon enrolling, this grant will be promptly distributed to each and every student who is selected. It will be directly allocated toward the cost of their education.

The African student learning English entrance scholarship and this award are incompatible with one another. Hence, it cannot be combined.

Step-by-step instructions for submitting an application:

In order for you to be considered for the award, you will have to do the following

First, you need to submit an application to the undergraduate degree program at the University of Ottawa.

Second, once you have been enrolled, you must submit all applications via the online system.

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