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Elementary school teacher who despises an LGBTQ book is fired

Elementary school teacher who despises an LGBTQ book is fired

An elementary school teacher who despises an LGBTQ book was fired, and she is now suing the school district.


A mother from Georgia is suing the school district where her children attend because she was fired from her substitute teaching position. This is after she claimed a book available in the elementary school violated her religious views.

The action, according to Lindsey Barr, who was a substitute teacher in the Bryan County School District and her attorney Tyson Langhofer, is a violation of her First Amendment rights.

Barr said, “No teacher should ever be dismissed for expressing sincere worries about what is occurring in their children’s classrooms, especially when your kids are six years old.” “This is unfair and intolerant,” she added.

Barr claimed to have discussed the school’s “All Are Welcome” book, which includes illustrations of same-sex couples, with the principal.

She claimed that soon after discussing her worries with the principal, she was unable to access her substitute teaching account.

Lindsey Barr, an elementary school teacher who despises an LGBTQ book, was fired and now wants payback

In response, her attorney Langhofer wrote to the school with the following statement: “The firing is intended to send a message to Mrs. Barr and others in the community that they will suffer the consequences if they criticize the school’s approach to sensitive political topics or express viewpoints that are contrary to the school’s preferred viewpoints.”


According to Langhofer, “The school is telling the millions of individuals who concur with Lindsay’s viewpoint that they are not welcome in public classrooms, and that is incorrect.”

The purpose of public schools, he said, “is to implant these shared ideals of diverse worldviews that we’re trying to inculcate in our students. That’s contradictory to the First Amendment, but it’s also contrary to the goal of public schools.”

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Barr stated that even though her children have not yet faced reprisals, she is concerned that they will in the future.

Barr said, “My kids will be passed over for opportunities.” “In this county, almost anything your kids want to do must be approved, including field trips. I believe this is a good way for them to subtly punish our family for making noise.”

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