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Scholarship to Study Abroad – 9 Basic Requirements

Scholarship to Study Abroad - 9 Basic Requirements


Scholarship to Study Abroad – 9 Basic Requirements

Do you know you can get scholarships and school overseas without having to worry about the fees at the school you intend to apply to? How so? Keep reading!

There are 9 BASIC requirements that must be met for a successful application. Those requirements include:

(1)The Statement of Purpose (SOP)
(2) Research Proposal
(3) Academic Record
(4) International passport
(6)Proof of English proficiency (PEP)
(7) Application fee
(8) Supervisor
(9) Curriculum Vitae (CV); to mention but a few.

For more details and proper understanding, I will explain each of them.

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Scholarship to Study Abroad – 9 Basic Requirements

The Statement of Purpose: This is very important whenever you wish to be considered for a scholarship. It is a run-through of yourself, your abilities, competence and what you love doing most (passion).

It also includes one’s area of interest, drive, and strength. A SOP also known as a Personnel Statement, is a kind of essay or a written statement written by an applicant for a scholarship program.

It tells the scholarship committee who you are, about your academic and professional interests. The value you would put on the program is also considered. You will also be required to say why you deserve to be part of the community or rather, the university. It could be 500 (five hundred) words or more.

Research Proposal: This might not really be required of you. But you ought to have it since you could need it one day. I would like you to note that if you already have your degree transcript, but haven’t finished your Masters program, you could apply for your Masters again.

I mean, one would grab the opportunity to leave the country even if you are to start your Masters program afresh.

Academic Record: You would also need to visit your academic department and request a copy of this transcript, which is really necessary. Schools in our country do deprive students of that, although they owe them that. You should find a way to get it since you weren’t given it.

International passport

This is one of the requirements needed before you can travel out even after getting the scholarship. It usually lasts for 2 months. You are required to get this early in order to avoid delays. If there’s an immigration headquarters around you, it can also serve as a way of getting one.


Your referees could be lecturers at your university. It is normally required that you get 3(three) of them. They are witnesses of your capabilities to the University you are applying.

Their names must be supplied when you submit your application. Referees can comment on details like
(a) The quality of academic work you have produced.
(b) Your Module (course) grades
(c ) Whether you have submitted your work in time

Proof of English Proficiency

You will need to be fluent in English Language. It can be required by the university you are applying to. Not every university asks for it. You would probably need to get any of these certificates, which include; TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System), to mention but a few.

A proof from your University might also be needed as a proof that you were taught English Language.

Application fee

Some scholarship programs require that you be offered admission before they will take on the funding task. In such a case, you might have to pay the application fee at such universities.

There are some free ones for those that can’t afford this fee. It isn’t a rigid or constant fee.


This person should be an expert in your area of research. You would have to get one yourself. They take part in evaluating their students’ progress and performance. They act as guides. You are meant to work or be in touch with your supervisor.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

It is a document required when applying for jobs. In this case, it is used or required while applying for a scholarship. It summarizes or rather allows you to summarize your skills, education and experience.

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A CV for scholarships should contain the following:

(a) Awards and Honours
(b) Academic background
(c) Publication information
(d) Research experience
(e) Statement of research interests, to name a few.

With this information ready, you can successfully apply for any university scholarship of your choice. I will keep you updated should I see any open scholarship programs and also give you information on how to get them.

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