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Woman who stabbed her former babysitter in the heart sentenced to 30 years behind bars

Woman who stabbed her former babysitter in the heart sentenced to 30 years behind bars

According to court documents, an Arkansas woman who stabbed her former babysitter in the heart and watched as life left her eyes has been sentenced to 30 years behind bars.


Per the case file, 22-year-old Amber Lea Runau of Gassville, Arkansas, pleaded guilty, admitting to Sharon Adler’s second-degree murder on Monday.

Runau was expected to get a sentence of between 15 and 25 years, based on the sentencing papers. However, based on the paperwork, a plea deal called for a more severe punishment for second-degree murder while sparing the defendant the prospect of a life sentence for the original allegation of first-degree murder.

On August 17, 2020, Runau dialed 911 and informed the dispatcher “that she had just stabbed… Adler in the heart,” according to law enforcement affidavit.

Police officers were called to Gassville’s 601 Elm Street, a red-brick home with a two-car garage that is typical of small-town housing in central Arkansas.

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Amber Lea Runau of Gassville, Arkansas stabbed her former babysitter to death

The responding officers told the dispatcher to keep Runau on the line and to tell her to meet them in the driveway. According to the affidavit, Runau revealed to the cops right away that she had stabbed Adler once they arrived at the scene.

The police officers entered the house after tossing Runau into the back of a squad car.

In the affidavit, a captain stated, ” We entered the residence and saw Mrs. Adler seated in her recliner with a large kitchen knife protruding from her upper left chest area.” “We cleared the house for officer safety, then checked Mrs. Adler for signs of life, but none were detected. At that point, the coroner was sought.”

The affidavit continues, “After the coroner picked up Mrs. Adler, we transported Ms. Runau to the Gassville Police Department, where she was advised of her Miranda Rights and gave a matter-of-fact account of her activities.”

According to the affidavit, “Ms. Runau described her stabbing of the victim and her subsequent actions of watching the eyes as the victim died.”

Per Law & Crime, officers earlier noted that Runau was booked into the Baxter County Jail on an initial charge of first-degree murder and that bail was set at $1 million.

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Arkansas reported radio station KTLO reported that Runau “got so furious when she couldn’t ‘fix’ a picture frame and took her frustration out on the victim” and that this is what led to the murder.

The radio station described Adler as the defendant’s “long-time family friend” and babysitter.

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